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i still don't have this unlocked. this is my 3rd attempt this morning after trying 3 times yesterday & the only thing i can think of is what someone said about not picking up parts...which doesn't really make sense. i shouldn't have to fucking go the long way around to get to the other building when i can easily jump over with the steam tramp. that can't POSSIBLY be what's keeping me from getting this.

i've tried it all kinds of different ways, including punching a weapon before i even bought any perks. this is starting to piss me off. i've tried it on both Original & Easy in custom games as well as with someone else. the shit's not unlocking for me & i don't wanna hear dickheads like the one above me with your "i don't see why..." bullshit. apparently there's some kinda issue or method if this many people are having problems.

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