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I'm currently looking for two other people to do High Maintenance with myself and a friend of mine on Saturday, February 9th, 2013 at 2pm pacific time (5pm Eastern, 10pm GMT). We will be doing the Richtofen side as it is inherently easier. If you cannot stay for at least a few hours to get this done (I know it doesn't take that long to do), and you do not have a mic and speak english, please do not sign up.

IMPORTANT: Everyone who signs up is required to have Perma-Quick Revive and Perma-Jugg. If you don't know how to get those, look on youtube. Steel Barricades, extra headshot damage, and other perma-perks are not necessary, but are always nice to have.

Also, please watch a video on how to do this easter egg. It will save everyone the headache.

----- Sign-up List -----
1. l Ortega l
2. Da Sad Panda003

----- Back-up List -----

I will adjust the chart as needed if we gain a lot of sign-ups. Please message me on XBL if you choose to sign up; I will not accept a friend request without an accompanying message.

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