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Originally Posted by spxyu02 View Post
I would just try it without the steam trample thing. It couldn't hurt. It's better than doing the same thing over and over and hoping it turns out differently (although it could).

Let us know if you finally get it and what the key was.
yup. after being severely frustrated 6 times, this time i tried it without picking anything up -- no elevator keys, no parts. punched the PDW early though because PAP was in the corner on the roof where the box spawns & i didn't wanna get caught there at a high round.

got it at the start of round 13. un-fucking-believable.

although a friend of mine (i actually watched him do it before i even attempted the achievement) did it the exact same way i was trying before, also solo custom game on easy. he built the steam tramp in case he got in a jam & it still popped for him...hence my frustration. seems like the shit is very sometimesy with picking up parts & whatnot. something to do with the patch maybe? i' way is just don't pick SHIT up. smh.

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