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Originally Posted by Starmud View Post
I take it the endings show the structure of the in-game universe. The first one zooms in on a single pixel revealing all sorts of structures the further it travels much in the similarity of atoms and molecules. The second instead zooms out revealing millions of "colorcubes" which create a static picture, which is interupted by the TV being "turned of", implying that the whole game takes place inside a fraction of your television screen.

yep, i second this. and add this:

the first "out fly" seems like you fly out of a pixel. remember, a pixel is made out of "subpixels", each for every RGB color. so the "cubes" are the sub pixels, the other parts are the pixels.

So everytime you turn on your TV, Gomez goes on to a adventure to "build" 1 pixel on your screen. and million of other "heroes" goes on adventures on their "planets" to turn their pixels on.

and if all the heroes succeed, you get your TV screen! yeah!

now read this:

it makes perfect sense! the people talking about you, the player. you give them the new perspective. and the game FEZ give you the player the new perspective, that every pixel is a world where things live!

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