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Originally Posted by P1TTMAN View Post
After playing this game for a few more days, I've come to the conclusion that you're all fucking wrong.

Since I hit level 31, I've been pitted against lvl 40-50 players who are equipped with all Super-Premium items and have stats like "Attack : 1300, Magic Attack : 1500, Defense : 1200, Magic Defense : 1100" ...players I'm hopeless against, since my highest atk/def stats are in the 600 range.

Maybe I'm the one who's fucking wrong; maybe these people having been playing since October and have found all these Super-Premium items randomly or through the monthly treasure maps and challenges. Either way-- if you didn't get into this game early, then once you hit lvl 31 you're fucked, because you'll be playing against all the veterans.
I don't think you or I or anyone is wrong. I've only been playing since late November. Had no idea how to play at the time and at my first few levels I was going 10-0 at times without noticing it and I had crap. Maybe I was put with other lower levels? I don't remember. Last night tho.. with friends we got it handed to us. This one mage with near 1400 magic attack who only uses frost.. only frost kept killing us. I'm sure other players have maybe come across this frost lady, it's all she uses.. that takes no skill at all.

I always seem to get placed on the crappy teams tho, and it always seems like the level 50's are always on the same team which could be the issue as well. The matchmaking isn't fair to us players at time. 5 of us earlier were attacking a warrior who we just couldn't get, I have no idea what his defense was since I was a cleric and healing my team mates but it's a bit much at times.

Try co-op for awhile if you haven't take a break from the other players. Don't give up tho.
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