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3 is the Magic Number 5
Get your first 3 star award for any level in Play Mode.

Simply choose ‘Play’ from the game modes in solo, select one of the categories, play the first level and if you get at least 9/10 answers correct and with enough time to spare, you will get this.

Jack of All Trades 10
Unlock a 3 star award for a level in each of the 5 categories in Play Mode.

The same as ‘3 is the Magic Number’ but for every category.

20-20 Vision 30
Get at least 1 star at Level 20 in all Categories.

See ‘The Brave 300!’.

The Brave 300! 70
Get all 300 Stars in Play Mode.

For this achievement you will need to get all 3 stars on every level for every category in play mode. Depending on your skill level with the minigames, this may not be as easy as it sounds. If you don’t manage to do it the first time, don’t be discouraged because these minigames can be quite tough at the end levels. You should only really begin to struggle in the later levels because that’s when each minigame gets harder and you’re given less time to choose your answer. If you need more time than you’re given in order to work out the answer to a question, you can pause the game and work it out, then continue and select your answer. If you are struggling at all, the best advice I can give is to practise, and you’ll probably be able to learn a few of the answers (though questions will be different each time, some can be repeated), and also find the easiest way for you to complete the minigames. This achievement may sound daunting at first, but as with other achievements, if you stick to it and practise enough, you’re sure to get it.

For help with strategies, check out -This- thread.

Going For Gold 10
Achieve your first Gold medal in Coach Mode.

After playing at least one level in play mode, select ‘Coach’ from the game modes in solo. You can only coach yourself on minigames you’ve unlocked through play mode, and you have to start at bronze and work your way up to gold.
Select a category, then a minigame from the list and answer each question correctly for all 3 difficulty levels and this achievement is yours! In order to get each medal you must answer all 10 questions for that difficulty correctly. If the timer runs out, it counts as a failed question, so you'll need to start that particular difficulty level again if this happens.

The Bronze Age 20
Achieve a Bronze medal in every mini-game in Coach Mode.

See ‘The Great Gold Rush’.

Sterling Silver 30
Achieve a Silver medal in every mini-game in Coach Mode.

See ‘The Great Gold Rush’.

The Great Gold Rush 70
Achieve a Gold medal in every mini-game in Coach Mode.

You will need to unlock every minigame through play mode before you can get this achievement. There are a total of 27 minigames (7 each for Language, Numeracy and Logic, and 3 each for Visual and Memory) and you can view which ones you have unlocked by going into 'Coach'. In coach mode, select an available minigame and play through bronze and silver to get to gold. You will need to answer every question correctly to earn the medal. Gold is the toughest of all 3 medals to get because the minigames will be harder and you will have less time to answer. If you get the answer to a question wrong, you can hit and select ‘Restart Game’ or for some minigames you might want to play to the end to try and learn some of the answers. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the answers right immediately, as this will take a lot of practise for many of the minigames.

For help with strategies, check out -This- thread.

Above Average 5
Achieve a score of 100+ in Test Mode.

See ‘Mensa Material’.

Well Above Average 20
Achieve a score of 120+ in Test Mode.

See ‘Mensa Material’.

Bright Spark 40
Achieve a score of 140+ in Test Mode.

See ‘Mensa Material’.

Mensa Material 90
Achieve a score of 160+ in Test Mode.

Select ‘Test’ from the game modes in
solo. Test is basically an IQ test, with a mixture of the harder questions from each category. You will have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions, which is made exceptionally easy when you can pause the game. You can skip a question by using and come back to it later with or by pressing and manually selecting the unanswered question. There is a total of 180 points to be earned from the test, which will be earned by having answered every question correctly. It is possible to get 161 points having not answered 3 questions and answered one incorrectly.

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