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God I am freaking out about Neutralize The Threat, the leaderboard seems to have updated but with Wednesday's stats instead of yesterday's, so again it doesn't tell us anything. I should have over 200 kills and it's saying I only have 158 (though still Top 100). Hopefully they get the final results up soon so I can relax.

Looking ahead to the next event Gentlemen's Agreement, I'm trying to think up some good farming spots. So far I've got Chris 2-4 and 5-1, Jake 3-2 (especially with Agent Hunt), and Ada 2-3. Haven't measured how many BOWs you get per chapter or how fast you can get through them, just theorizing.

I created a team for Up Close And Personal, called it "Code Veronica x360a." Feel free to apply here, but since I've only got 2 slots open (laufujai is in) and I'm determined to earn a top rank, I'll be looking for dedicated players. It's a three day event, have to make every day count.

EDIT: Going to rule out Jake 3-2 (takes too long) and Ada 2-3 (too few enemies unless Whoppers count) for the next event. Chris 2-4 worked pretty well, 12 kills in 7-8 minutes. Still going to test 5-1 and I'm open to suggestions on other chapters. Onslaught may work, but I've had shoddy results in getting the bigger BOWs. Whether I get regular zombies or things like Strelats is a crapshoot.

EDIT 2: Doing some mercs testing for the team event, Solo against Neo-Umbrella J'avo with Chris/EX Jake; Martial Arts Master (2 knife quick shots) got more consistent results than Quick Shot Damage Increase (sometimes taking 3 knife quick shots). Meant to try it without any damage buff but I forgot.

I did some testing with the Stun Rod too and it worked out much better than the knife, but there's the question of whether kills from the extra electric effect count or not. One would think that it'd simply register as a Stun Rod kill and thus count, but these kills don't give you a +5 time bonus so the game does differentiate them. Hopefully the official ruleset will clear up the confusion when it's released.

The campaign is viable, but the AI can be a bit of a bitch by taking your kills, and of course if you're doing co-op then only one player can earn the kills. Will need to find a good place with lots of enemies, trying to think if there's any areas with infinite respawn but I'm drawing a blank. The final stage of the Simmons fight does but that's probably not an ideal place to work on this

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