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Speeding up repeated playthroughs

A few items of advice if you want to speed up your 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/etc playthroughs, especially if you have all of the cave paintings. Feel free to tack on if you discover more:

* When you start a new game, immediately hit Start -> Save & Exit, then Continue Game. You'll jump to the campfire to pick your players without listening to the Intro.

* If playing for the Who Wants To Live Forever (do not die) achievement, use the Save & Exit religiously. After each notable movement in a section, Save & Exit then Continue Game. You'll pick up where you left off if you have to quit-to-dashboard quickly, instead of the beginning of the game. Additionally, if you're in a long fall and know you're going to die, Save & Exit, and you'll come back without dying.

* Knight stage: If you have the Time Traveler, you can use her special power to teleport through the bars and skip the whole elevator portion of the stage.

* Skip the Zoo stage: After getting the three novelty gifts to the Gift Shop at the beginning, go back and get a Hot Dog. It's easiest to just order two Hot Dogs at the same time before taking the power fuse back to the claw. Carry this Hot Dog throughout the game and you can quickly bypass the entire Zoo stage. Even with a member trapped in the liar, just lead the monster to the bridge and move onto the next level. This will take approximately one minute to retrieve the Hot Dog, but will save you from a good 10-minute level.

* At the end of the Knight stage, grab extra dynamite for each person before leaving. Leave it at the exit of the Hillbilly stage (if applicable), then use it to blow up the Miner cave-ins quickly. Just run to the miner to get the shovel, then retrieve each car directly.' ** Not tested completely

* You can carry the Femur from the Twins stage to the Island to drop next to the dog. That'll save you some time running up and down the hill to retrieve it.
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