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Castle Map Pack - 1 April release - pre-release details

This is not 'new' information, but thought I'd start gathering info together on the right forum, to save needing to search through old posts...

DUE OUT APRIL 1ST. EDIT now due out April 8th


The Castle Map Pack serves as Halo 4's third and final DLC, and will be released on April 1st, 2013. The DLC includes three maps:


Daybreak is set in a military facility against the backdrop of an idyllic mountain range, while Outcast plunges you into the warrens, canyons and arches of an alien edifice, and Perdition takes players into the heart of an urban sprawl, with tactical speed and situational awareness its key features.

Art work for the new maps at the link here - original post by lickablelemons7

No new achievements are known of at present, though are expected.

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