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I thought id throw this in cause i just got the achievement and it took a while for me to figure this out, so i did the game on hard (white-black-red) then the opposite story on normal (black-white-red), a campaign is 4 areas with 3 main story missions and 3 side missions in each, but the second part of a story campaign (so if you start with white then black will be the second part of the campaign) the final area only has 2 main story missions. This means because i had all the missions of the white-black-red story done on hard i just had to go to the level select and pick black side and finish story level 3 on hard then complete red story of the black side on hard(thats the top red i believe) to get the achievement. This also works for the normal achievement just do the oposite, white story level 3 and red story of white side. It cuts out more playthrus so i hope this helps anyone who had trouble understanding all the multicoloured story paths!
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