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Originally Posted by Destro View Post
I have a ticket from the event that was in december or i don't remember... i guess ill use it on the character i play the most with, wich happen to be Sherry, but damn these outfits are not even "good looking"

They could do so much better... they could made all sorts of costumes, add characters for mercenary at 200 MS points each or something like that.... then do extra outfits for them too...
The whole point of the costumes are a throwback to the classic games being blocky and bad looking. It is for older fans from the 90s.

That said, the actual artwork exaggerates how blocky they are. For example, Chris looks barely anything like the art used for the costume on the site/menu. You're only going to be seeing the back of them anyway.

Anyway, these costumes are free, so I don't really know what there is to complain about. They could easily add more characters as paid DLC in the future still. I mean, Carla/Agent don't even have ANY costumes.

RE5's character list was Chris, Sheva, Jill and Wesker and nobody else until a year later.

I agree, they could have added more characters and costumes (and better costumes than "THIS WEIRD ONE, AND A RECOLOR. BTW THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME LOADOUT", but I like the PS1-style costumes solely because I loved the games on PlayStation and think it's a nice nod to fans.

EDIT: I want to retract my statement on them not being blocky.

Chris EX3 is not blocky, at all (except his head/face). Sherry is a blocky mess. It looks awful.

But awful in the best way (for me) since it clashes so heavily, her body disconnects and it screams bad PS1 graphics.

But I can see why this would upset someone. Chris deceived me by basically being HD Chris with a blocky head.

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