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I died twice, although I don't count one. Chapter 9 stalker warehouse, I had just saved (literally outside the room) so rushed it a bit, got hit and was at red health. Had plenty of health packs and time to heal but just decided I wouldn't waste any if I couldn't make it through as is, and also I wanted a break so was considering quitting out for a bit then anyway. Got cornered by a stalker and died.

Then when I got to the red laser room, I was watching someone elses run on Youtube for a few tips towards the end. They ran through in one go and made it look easy, so I attempted XD Almost made it but got hit just as I got into the final room/section. I thought I had survived but just got knocked over, then as I hit the floor all my limbs fell off haha. I was just annoyed at myself for risking it really. My final save was just before the drill ride so it wasn't that bad really. I took a break, went back to it and did it properly next time with no problems.

I had a few close calls. The final decompression window room, I ran round to the right to kill the slasher but I forgot my ripper wasn't upgraded so it didn't kill him. Before I had time to turn around the exploder was next to me and blew up. I somehow survived, while both enemies blew up.
Then the door into the room that leads to the final zero-G section, when being chased by ubermorph, I was grabbed by and infector. By the time I'd wrestled it off me the ubermorph was far far too close for comfort.

That was it really. I always had plenty of health packs on me and never went into the red, hardly ever went to yellow. Just kept my health as high as possible. Wasn't always quite full, but never low enough to slow me down at all.

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