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Originally Posted by JimCant View Post
They should have stuck Arson in earlier in the game. Maybe after like Traffic or maybe right after Homicide. It was a pretty big let down and not long enough....Vice Squad was pretty sweet as you did said but the partner was a jerk though.
I think Stefowsky or how he was called, at the Traffic was pretty much the best partner, normal and kinda sympathic, then there was the Homicide and Arson partners - they were kinda the same for me, but Arson partner was a little bit better, but still the Homicide guy (I dont remember their names!!!!) was pretty awful, still trying to keep things simple and at Homicide cases he was keep saying that the cases have nothing in common and that stuff - what an idiot, seriously.

And at last Roy - worst one! Corrupt cop, and a traitor of Cole - bleh, I want to puke on him.

When we are at the characters - Cole vs. Jack? Jack, definitely Jack! Cole definitely isnīt a very good protagonist, his behavior - in war and that stuff, ....... nothing more to say.
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