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The games are the Lovetra ☆ Sweet, Lovetra ☆ Mint, Lovetra ☆ Bitter and all of them going to release for Xbox 360 Kinect. (pronounced like Love Tray since the japanese says "Tore". i assume this is short for "training".)

The titles are going to release in sequentially which means first the Sweet going to release in Summer, than the Mint in Autumn and than the Bitter in Winter in Japan.

This games are going to be dance and gym games with high-school student girls in Japan.

With the Kinect sensor we can also dance and do the gym moves in the real life not just in the virtual world. The game is a good fit game also.

Each title going to has 4 girls characters in the game so totally 12 girls will be in the three games together.

The goal is to be the best dance team in the school and be well known also in the country!

Boost On also published the charcters list for the titles!

info from:

follow the link to see pictures and names of the characters for each game...

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