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Actually, yeah, I didn't realize just how dead the lobbies are outside of Instant Action gametypes and Crash Site, until I tried to get that achievement last night (even then I only bothered playing Crash Site once, so it might've been a fluke. I got one Capture the Relay match but lost and was unable to get another going.)

This is unrelated to the group for The Cleaner, but if anybody, such as Muppet May Cry, wants to get a group of at least 6 people together for Capture the Relay, Assault and Extraction, I'm down. Doesn't even have to be boosting, we could just have some honest games until everybody's got a win.

We can certainly do Crash Site as well if somebody still needs it. IA might be a bit difficult unless we have one person (that we're communicating with via a Party Chat) hide out somewhere and we all run to them, feeding them kills...Let's evaluate that based on how many people need it, because we'd have to do it one person at a time while simultaneously dealing with random players and that'd take a while. I'm sure everybody who's played this game has at least one TIA win.

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