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K-9 Firepower 20
[Doggie Bag] Get 5 kills using canisters in a round of Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.

It is recommended that you play arcade mode and pick the map 'Highrise' since there are alot of fire extinguishers on the walls and you don't have to think about money or get to the safe vehicle. Below is a video guide for this achievement;

Escape From The Pound 20
[Doggie Bag] Escape on all levels at least once in Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.

You have to get to the safe vehicle at least once in all of the new maps. These are 'Dry Dock', 'Highrise' and 'Radio Tower'. Simply survive and escape on each of these new maps and the achievement is yours.

Last in Show 25
[Doggie Bag] Escape as the last player on your own in a Multiplayer Ranked Match.

Play Fragile Alliance and when you and your team get to the safe vehicle, wait until all of the players, except yourself, are in the vehicle and let it escape. Then you take the next one on your own, being the final escapee, thus unlocking the achievement.

Rabid 50
[Doggie Bag] 1000 kills.

You will be getting kills as you go for all of the other achievements, so you needn't worry about this too much, initially. If, after you have completed all of the other achievements and have yet to unlock this, then you can play arcade mode to finish your 1000 kills.

Under Dog 25
[Doggie Bag] In the last round of a 'Fragile Alliance’ Ranked Match, climb from last to 1st place.

Right when the match starts, run over to the Goons/Cops and die. After that you will re-spawn as a Cop and then you should let yourself be killed again WITHOUT killing anybody. Do this for the first 2 rounds and then in the last round, grab all of the money you can and get to where the safe vehicle is and kill all of the other players and grab their money and then, take the safe vehicle and you should unlock this achievement.

This achievement should be boosted, to make it obtainable very fast and on the first attempt.

Good Doggie 20
[Doggie Bag] Escape with $100,000 or more in every round of a Multiplayer Ranked Match session.

This is one you need a little luck with, since you must stay alive and get to the safe Vehicle before the time runs out, with at least 100k. You should concentrate on getting as much money as possible and surviving. Dis-regard getting kills and try to avoid enemy players, so as to not risk getting killed. If you do die, you will void the achievement, as you will re-spawn as a cop and not be able to steal any money and you will then have to try the achievement again in another match.

This achievement should be boosted, to make it obtainable very fast and on the first attempt.

The Dog Track 20
[Doggie Bag] Escape in less than 1˝ minutes in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

Play arcade mode for this and pick the map 'Radio Tower'. Proceed to take the left hand path, through the map and kill only the Goons that are in front of you. Speed your way through this and stop for no-one.

Rex 20
[Doggie Bag] Get 150 criminal kills as a cop in ‘Cops & Robbers’ Ranked Matches.

This is the most time consuming achievement and if you're going to get it legitimately, then good luck, as the multiplayer is relatively quiet and only a few people have the DLC. There isn't really any tips for this, other than to try and kill a lot while your a Cop. You can also get kills as a Cop in Fragile Alliance and it will still count.

It is strongly recommended that you boost this achievement. It is highly unlikely that many people, if any at all would be able to obtain this achievement without boosting, due to the lack of an online community.

Poodle 50
[Doggie Bag] Accumulate $25,000,000 during your career in Multiplayer Ranked Matches.

Since you can get up to $4,000,000 every round, you can potentially unlock this in only a few matches. Just heist a lot in every round and you should get this one in no time. Again, this would be very easily boosted in no time, at all.

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