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Cima al Mondo
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Hey I'm setting up a day to boost this weekend! Day has yet to be picked, I want to see what works with you guys! I am looking to boost all the achievements!
1. Cima al Mondo
(not sure how many people we need)
Just message me on here or on Xbox if you want to get in!
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Far Cry 3

Games I want to boost:
Desperately looking for a co-op partner for Dante's Inferno. Other then that any Assassin's Creed, Bioshock 2, and Halo 4
(If you want to boost one of these games hit me up)

100% Completed games
Bioshock (1100/1100), The Walking Dead (600/600), Minecraft (400/400), The Wolf Amoung Us (100/100)

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Cima al Mondo
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