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Originally Posted by ronnie42 View Post
Just noticed this thread, had to say something.

Firstly I loved every halo game except halo reach/halo 4.

The campaign pissed me off to no end just like in reach due to the lack of suprises, feeling like everything was linear so when halo 4 came out it felt worse due to less enemy's, their solution to lack of them was to spam more promethean knights which wasn't hard but seriously reptitive. Then the spartan ops was all about running from A TO B just like the campaign, got sick of it on legendary. Half the spartan ops missions were mostly reycled from either the campaign or the multiplayer, even the flipping 5-10 missions which they claimed were new but instead we barely got any new one's, the rest end up being the exact same.

The weapon loadouts were terrible, the boltshot was stupid since it was basically spawning with a shotgun, the dmr is overpowered to the point where it has been over-used, ruins the flow of the gameplay, the plasma pistol is now everywhere which makes trolling more frequent, makes it impossible to have any fun in any vehicle, the sniper rifle is still horrible since halo reach due to the fact that it's not anti-tanks which makes getting in any vehicle pointless since there all like paper weight.

Anyway I could go on all day about how pissed I am at halo 4 but had to say something somewhere. Oh, I was one of the lucky people to buy the limited edition, buy it on release, play solo on legenday on the first week of release on my first playthrough.
^Almost exactly me.
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