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オンラインランキングエントリー (Online Ranking Entry) 30
Uploaded a score to the online rankings!

Finish any stage in Score Attack, after the final score, you'll be asked if you want to upload your score.

スコアアタック全チャプタープレイ (Score Attack Entire Chapter Play) 10
Played all chapters within Score Attack

You don't need to clear every chapter to the end, so if you want to get this quickly, crash into enemies for each chapter to reach the result screen. Chapter X and Y are included.

100回プレイ (100 Times Played) 10
Play count for Score Attack has exceeded to 100 times!

As mentioned above, you can lose all your ships at the start and this will count as one play. This should take around a minute each time, meaning this will take under two hours if you want to boost it that way.


鑑賞 (Appreciation) 10
Playback a rival's replay

Under Score Attack, choose the Leaderboards option, and then browse an individual chapter in the option. Any score with a paperclip by the player's name contains a replay. Press Y and then choose OK on the prompt to download the replay.

Next, go to Gallery Mode at the main menu, then select Replay Theater. Load the data with A button.

Revived by acquiring an Extend Item just before a Game Over!

You can do this anywhere, so you'll likely get it by playing eventually. If you do want it quickly, load up Chapter 1 on Easy with no lives set and then destroy your ship as soon as you see an Extend pickup.

最大警備 (Maximum Defense) 10
Increased upto max (30 stock) for your initial lives on any chapter! (Story Mode only)

This may be better to go for while playing Hard, as you may need as many lives as you can get. Extend items drop from enemies randomly, and will save to your overall stock when you reach the result screen.

バックアタック返し (Back Attack Reversal) 10
Destroy an enemy with backfire from switchover time!

This isn't possible with the Uni Engine, as it has a fixed speed.

カスタムコーディネート (Custom Coordinate) 10
Selected specific equipment (Heavy Laser Gun, Homing Missile, Counter Shield)

ソールドアウト (Sold Out) 50
Purchase all items from the Shop (Additional content not included)

Even after finishing Hard, you will still not be able to buy everything. You'll need to grind CR by replaying chapters. You can get a lot playing through Hard with God/Mode equipped. Having one of the auto CR pickup items will help.

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