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Edge of Time is simply awful. It's level based, not free roam. Three bosses, and the levels are just walking down a corridor fighting the same enemies over and over again. Also, if you've ever thought Peter was whiny in his other games, this one is simply the absolute worst. He's damn near suicidal most of the time.

Shattered Dimensions is hit or miss. It's level based as well, with each level having it's own boss. There's 13 bosses, but they tend to repeat themselves. Still, I enjoyed it.

Web of Shadows is a great game, very similar to this one. It's open world, with a variety of boss battles. Side quests are pretty lacking, though.

Going back further, there's Spider-man 3, Spider-man 2, and Ultimate Spider-man, which were all fantastic games, with a similar playstyle to Amazing spider-man.
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