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Originally Posted by pined5551 View Post
So yeah! I used the glitch where you beat the last part of Chapter 7 on casual and then press B to quit to menu, load up again on Hard Boiled and hey-presto it says in the chapter select that the final part is done on Hard Boiled difficulty.

However, while doing the rest of the game on HB, I got to Wong and still had to kill him before the achievements popped. The glitch does nothing! The preceeding segment of Chapter 7 is the whole boss fight it seems.

What were other peoples experiences with this? Did you have to kill Wong and the fat guy?
I have been reading around and it would seem that you are suppose to do it last. I beat through the entire game on Hard Boiled (pain in the dick) and got pissed off at Wong so I just used the glitch. Knowing this you probably have to everything else first for this to work. Else it looks like the game isn't "tricked" into thinking you played it on Hard Boiled.
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