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Okay after rebooting 2 times and leveling up to 50 3 times and not getting the achievement I tried everything. I finally got it and I'll tell you how.

First I tried the level 39 trick to unlock the weapons on each of my 3 playthroughts. Obviously it did not unlock by playing a few matches after rebooting either. I also tried to recover it on a friends console to no avail and I also deleted my save data and cache to no avail.

If you are like me and you tried everything then this might be the answer you are looking for!!

I did NOT have the limited edition game. However a friend of mine did. I got a hold of a limited edition code off ebay and we used it on HIS console. He recovered my gamertag on his console after redeeming the limited edition DLC and he had the limited edition disc and I was level 50 with all weapons unlocked when he recovered it. At the main menu of my friends console the achievement unlocked. We tried recovering my tag before redeeming the DLC and that did not work. However recovering it with the DLC redeemed unlocked the achievement at the main menu

I hope this is useful for anyone who has tried everything like I did.
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