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Chapter Notes and Tips:

Anything tricks or important things to know about specific Chapters can be posted here. I'll fill in a few of my own and if you have any post them and I'll add them to the list:

Episode 7- Chapter 4:
  • Keep replaying the first minute of this mission and stay at your spawn point with your DMR to kill the Ultras filing through the door. Once the enemies stop coming just restart the level. This is a quick way to boost Ultras. - Thanks to II Holland II
  • Spawn with Plasma Grenades and pick up frags at the beginning of the level to maximize grenade use. Run up to the human nades right in front of you. When the HUD NAV pops up throw all of your grenades at the front door and you can kill a lot of the Ranger jackals effortlessly. - Thanks to II Holland II
Episode 9- Chapter 2:
  • The airstrike at the end cannot harm you. I recommend saving all of the rounds from both Incineration Cannons to take the final wave of Knights out quickly as they spawn to maximize your kill count.

Episode 9- Chapter 3:
  • Most of this level takes place in a tank. Nothing particularly redeeming in enemy count, but the tank makes for a very laid back change of pace if you want a different map to boost on.

Episode 10- Chapter 1:
  • There are 4 hunters at the very start of the level and Rockets drop for you to take them out. Quick method for boosting hunter kills.

Episode 10 - Chapter 4:
  • Thanks to the Mantis, this is a good level for getting quick and easy kills. Watchers flood in quickly after you get the Mantis and makes them easy to boost.

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