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Haven't played the game in almost a month, but if I can remember correctly the Rush+ was a very good buff. I used it all the time and averaged at least 20 kills a game with it. Almost never popped up when I unlocked a new special move, so it was good to have it at all time.
Yeah it seems like a lot of people prefer rush+ along with smash power up (1,2 or 3). Charged Attack seems to be my preference tho. I can kill pretty much anyone in 1 hit that is not blocking, and it can kill multiple people that are close by. Also you dont have to be by the edge, like with rush most people rely on throwing you off the map. With Charged Attack I killed 6 or 7 people at one time that were doing a group skill, they were completely defenseless while doing tornado and they all died in one hit.
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