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[0:06] - Blackbox #1
When the level begins, you will exit a containment device with a bunch of your teammates surrounding you. Once you exit, proceed down the ramp onto the next ship. At the base of the ramp, to the left is a fallen soldier. Next to him is a blackbox.

[0:27] - Datapad #1
A little later on, your teammate will breach a door and ask you to "go silent". You will enter a large room with plenty of enemies. Continue on the path you will enter a room that overlooks the cargo area with the datapad in clear sight, sitting on the desk.

[0:53] - Datapad #2
After a short cutscene, you will be given a predator bow. At the end of that hallway, you will find this intel sitting on the electronic console.

[VIDEO] - Achievement(s) - Arrow to the Knee! & Improviser
In the area after the acquiring the predator bow, you have some easy opportunities for these achievements.

[1:21] - Datapad #3
The next area will have a lot of stairs and metal catwalks, and you will clear out a bunch of enemies. You will progress through this section, and then have your teammate open a door for you once you get into an indoor area. To the right of this door is a datapad.

[1:41] - Datapad #4
Next, you will be asked to hack a door. After hacking it, go inside to find the datapad on the desk.

[1:41] - Datapad #5
Moving on shortly after the above mentioned collectible, follow your teammate Psycho, and he will begin hacking a computer in a room with an ammo crate. A datapad is lying next to him on the desk.

[VIDEO] - Achievement - Who Needs Rockets?
At this point, you will split up from Psycho, and if spotted you will be attacked by a helicopter. Take it out using the Predator bow explosive rounds.

[2:24] - Datapad #6
You will come to a come with what looks like a giant reactor in the middle. From where you enter the room, keep on the right hand side, inside a long hallway. There will be a room at the end of the hall with the next datapad, as well as some ammo crates. Open your visor and make your way around the room if you are having trouble.

[2:24] - Datapad #7
After the above mentioned room, you will enter a small office room, with moving chairs and computer monitors. The collectible is on the desk in the middle.

[3:28] - Blackbox #2
Near the end of the level, you will hack a turret, and continue through the door, and Psycho will say "Let's Go". Right in front of you as the door opens is a dead soldiers, lying next to him is a blackbox.

Mission 2: Welcome to the Jungle
Datapads: 3
BlackBoxes: 2
Propaganda Posters: 1

[VIDEO] - Achievement - Bang For The Buck
After getting the Nanosuit upgrade, you will reach a door that opens to the outside. Equip an explosive round, and shoot the deer in front of you in the street. You can use cloak to approach it for a better shot.

[3:57] - Propaganda Poster #1
After getting the Nanosuit upgrade, the door will open to reveal Liberty Dome. Now, run to the end of the street, and the building on your right hand side will have a poster on it. Use your visor on it for it to count.

[4:25] - Datapad #1
You will then find a Bolt Sniper that you will use to destroy the tower. From the weapon location, go to the right side (away from the waypoint), up a hill towards a dead end. You will find the datapad here.

[5:00] - Datapad #2
You will continue through the mission a little bit on your way to Rendez-Vous with Psycho. You will clear out a marsh with enemies, and then come to a point where you'll see a large blue barn in front of you with a collapsed highway bridge to the left. Go under the bridge and follow to the end of the path where you'll find a pyramid shaped container. Next to it is the datapad, as well as a Nanosit upgrade.

[5:39] - Blackbox #1
You'll reach the subway with Psycho, and clear out the enemies. You'll have to jump over a large gap to proceed. After the jump, go through the door and the blackbox will be next to the dead soldier.

[VIDEO] - Achievement - Clever Girl!
You will reach a section where you are introduced to Ceph Stalkers. You'll want to drop down, make sure to camo, and sneak up behind on of them to preform a stealth kill.

[6:10] - Blackbox #2
You'll continue to the mission until you ascend up some stairs to the surface of the train station. Once you reach outside, drop down one floor, and into the room under the entrance to this area to collect a blackbox.

[6:46] - Datapad #3
This collectible is located close to the above listed one. In the very middle of the surface train station area, there will be a datapad located underneath the center, only accessible using the small tunnels.

Achievement - Can You Hear Me Now?
You will go outside and notice that your HUD and Nanosuit become distorted. Disable the Nanosuit Jammer near the middle of this area to unlock the achievement. It is a secondary objective, and not necessary, so keep that in mind.

Mission 3: The Root of All Evil
Datapads: 4
BlackBoxes: 3
Propaganda Posters: 1

[7:11] - Datapad #1
Once you reach the top of the dam, there will be a small building to the left attached by a pathway. Go to this building, hack the doors, and the datapad will be inside.

[7:38] - Propaganda Poster #1
Once you destroy the dam, proceed towards the secondary objective. It will be on the wall of the building to your left hand side, one story above water level.

[8:01] - Blackbox #1
From the above collectible, drop down to the water, and proceed a few metres, until the water opens up a little bit to your left side, where you will see a dead soldier as well as a blackbox.

[8:28] - Blackbox #2
You will proceed down river, until you are about 200-250m from the main objective. You will see the donut to your left hand side. To the right hand side of this, there is a dead end path with a blackbox in it.

[VIDEO] - Achievement - White Rider
Return to the donut, and ride it for 20 seconds to gain this achievement.

[8:51] - Blackbox #3
If you completed the secondary objective, you should be able to enter the CELL System-X Harvesting Facility through the front gate, but instead work your way to the left, and use the pipe/tunnel. In the tunnel, you'll find a blackbox.

[9:21] - Datapad #2
After you use the jackhammer lift (elevator) to get to the top of the facility, look on the catwalk to your left for the datapad.

[9:21] - Datapad #3
From the above collectible, follow the same path until you come across the next datapad sitting on a computer system.

[9:43] - Datapad #4
Once you use the elevator to reach the top of the facility, you'll walk out, and look to your left finding the datapad on a computer console, under the staircase.

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