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[0:06] - Datapad #1
You continue until you are told about the secondary objective in regards to collecting intel. You will come to a point where you find a crashed helicopter, find a datapad inside the helicopter.

[0:06] - Datapad #2
In front of the same helicopter as above.

[0:06] - Datapad #3
Next to the same helicopter as above.

[0:23] - Datapad #4
From here, you can use your visor to spot the remaining 3 in the same area. You'll climb up a ledge and come to a table with 4 datapads, 3 of which will count as collectibles.

[0:23] - Datapad #5
See Datapad #4

[0:23] - Datapad #6
See Datapad #4

[0:40] - Propaganda Poster #1
After the helicopter, proceed to your primary objective, and you will pass under a large arch. Just past the arch there is a building to the right with a post on the 2nd story. Use your visor to find it.

[0:53] - Datapad #7
Continuing on from the poster, proceed to the objective marker, where there will be a datapad and nanosuit module in a room on the highest story of a building. This is in the room next to the zipline.

[1:36] - Blackbox #1
You'll use a zipline, then pass by a billiard table, and break through a door triggering a cutscene. After the cutscene walk forward, to find the soldier sitting on the toilet, next to his blackbox.

[2:08] - Datapad #8
You'll now cross the park and make your way to the Ceph Mindcarrier (big glowing blue reactor). Jump up it, and you will see a building connected to this platform by a billboard. Cross to the building, and you will see the Datapad on a desk inside a small room.

[2:31] - Datapad #9
Next you'll see some people burning, and make your way towards the main objective, until you reach a section where you pass in between two damaged buildings with a nearby pyramid shaped tent/cache. Head inside the left building where you can easily find a datapad.

[2:31] - Blackbox #2
From the above collectible, turn 90 degrees to your right, to find a soldier in the streets in between the two buildings, next to a blackbox.

[2:56] - Blackbox #3
After you lower the gate, and get into the facility area, and Psycho tells you that he lowered the elevator, you'll want to meet up with him. Right in front of elevator door, you'll see a solider along with his blackbox.

[3:30] - Blackbox #4
After taking the elevator with Psycho, you will enter the big area facility. If you go up to the window, and use your visor, you should be able to mark all remaining 3 intel items. You'll want to make your way down the hall, through the curtains to find a blackbox next to a dead person.

[3:30] - Datapad #10
Continue through the halls with Psycho, and you should find the next datapad before heading down the stairs, behind some curtains.

[3:30] - Datapad #11
Continuing on, after heading down some stairs, you should be able to find the last collectible in the glass protected room.

Mission 5: Red Star Rising
Datapads: 5
BlackBoxes: 3
Propaganda Posters: 1

[4:28] - Datapad #1
From the beginning of the mission, you'll want to use the hanging metal in between buildings to cross the rooftops. Once you reach the end of the 2nd metal connecting beam, the datapad will be sitting in front of you.

[4:49] - Blackbox #1
After you interact with the Ceph Mindcarrier, and kill all the enemies, you'll be roughly 2000m from the next objective. From the mindcarrier area, you'll want to take and follow the right hand side pathway until you stumble upon a solider with a blackbox, roughly 1915m from the next objective.

[5:10] - Datapad #2
Continue on from the above collectible until you come to a big open area where you first see the large tower in front of you. From here, head to the building to your left hand side to collect the datapad on the 2nd story.

[5:10] - Propaganda Poster #1
The propaganda poster is in the same room as the collectible above, just off to the side a little bit.

[5:52] - Datapad #3
Continue on until your orimary objective changes to protecting Claire. At this point, continue

[6:14] - Blackbox #2
After descending down a large amount of stairs, and triggering a cutscene, you will come to a rocky area with a buggy at the bottom. Next to the buggy is a blackbox.

Achievement - Roadkill
You'll want to take out 5 enemy soldiers using the buggy, which can be a little difficult, as most of them aren't on ground level. After getting in the buggy, head up the ramp in the middle of the area in front of you to find up to 4 enemies, on this roof. Make sure to run the rocket guy over first. Continue on with the mission, and you will hopefully be able to find more people along the way.

[6:58] - Blackbox #3
Progress through the level, until you reach a huge gate protecting the command center, and encounter a bunch of large enemies. To the left of the gate, use your visor to find the blackbox located next to a freight container.

[6:58] - Datapad #4
Close by to the previous collectible, you can find a datapad. It will also be to the left of the gate, and easily found using your visor from the previous location.

[7:21] - Datapad #5
At the very end of the mission, your objective will be to "head to the control room", just after destroying the Area Denial System. In this area, directly across from where you blew up the objective, you can find a datapad. Make sure to grab it before head to the control room.

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