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[0:06] - Propaganda Poster #1
You will zipline, and then proceed to clear a large amount of enemies on a rooftop, next to a Air Defense turret. When you come up the stairs (there's only one way up here), head to the right of the turret, and climb up the rubble two stories. Turn to examine the walls on the highest point in this area (about 40m away from the objective) and scan the poster.

[0:30] - Datapad #1
From this point, you will now have 2 objectives, Bravo & Charlie. The next collectible is in between both of them, in the open space, about 310m from Charlie (right) and 540m from Bravo (left).

[0:54] - Blackbox #1
From the last collectible, start heading towards to closer objective, in a straight line. On your way, you will notice crashed ship, inside you can find a blackbox.

[1:20] - Datapad #2
Head towards the secondary objective where you must disarm the mines to save some teammates. Once disabling the mines, and completing this objective, head to the end of this area to collect a datapad, inside the vehicle.

[1:56] - Datapad #3
This collectible is located next to the mortar team that you can save as part of a secondary objective, not too far from Air Defense Bravo.

[2:29] - Datapad #4
From the above collectible, move downhill (away from Bravo), and then turn left. You should see the Statue of Liberty's head in the distance, and the datapad is located inside.

Achievement - Ping Pong!
There are 3 Pingers (mech robots) that roam this area that you will have to eliminate to get this achievement. Doing the secondary objective where you save the mortar team will makes this easier, but it is not necessary. Just make sure all 3 blow up, and the achievement will unlock.

[3:02] - Blackbox #2
Inside the Bravo base, very close to the air defense turret. The collectible is located just outside the the room where the objective is located, one story below in, next to some ammo. Just use your visor from the objective to search for it, if you are having trouble.

[3:18] - Datapad #5
After the flight, you will have to crash land to repair the ship. You will face a ton of enemies here, so it is suggested that you clear them out. From the ship's location, the collectible is in the back left corner of the area, next to some ammo.

Mission 7: Gods and Monsters
Datapads: 3
BlackBoxes: 4
Propaganda Posters: 1

[3:35] - Blackbox #1
As you start the level, it will be located on the ground directly in front of you.

[3:35] - Propaganda Poster #1
From the above item, take a few steps and scan the poster that is on the ground and part of the path.

[3:35] - Datapad #1
From the poster, look directly above it to find a datapad.

[3:35] - Blackbox #2
From the above item, move forward through the level, and take about 20 steps until you see a broken down subway car, inside is a blackbox.

[3:35] - Blackbox #3
From the above item, move forward through the level, and take about 30-40 steps, using your visor, until you find another blackbox located in the middle of the pathway as you progress through the mission.

[4:32] - Datapad #2
Once you make it outside of the first section you will see a large amount of moving "tentacles" lining the cave walls in the distance. From this point, continue to the objective, and you will find a well lit "room" inside the cave system with a ton of weapons and ammo. Next to some of the ammo is a datapad.

[4:59] - Blackbox #4
After your first time going through the Ceph Mindcarrier, your objective will tell you to go deeper into the caves. Follow the marker, and you will shortly come to a small "room", with some predator bows as well as a blackbox.

[4:59] - Datapad #3
From the above location, you'll want to follow the cave to the right hand side towards a secondary objective. (Note: The objective might not show up right away). Just keep going until you the tunnel ends, and you come to an open area. To your right, you'll want to drop down and find the last item in the game.

Achievement - Post-Human Warrior
Near the end of the game, after using all 3 ceph mindcarriers, you will be told to close the warmhole, and automatically be supercharged. On the way to the warmhole, try to kill as many enemies as possible, making sure to get at least 10 to get the achievement.

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