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I know I am a few years late, but some people may look at this for help.

Your advice on the first stage was good 2-3 whirling hammers and grapple destroy back then front should take maybe 30 seconds stage over. For the small enemies part, SAVE your odinforce, use grabs at the start to fill it completely then use XXX charge Y to spin and build rage if you want to use lightning strikes a bit here to help build rage faster go ahead but grab enemies until your odinforce is full, for the second stage before you trigger rage. If you have full odinforce the second stage becomes very easy. Assuming you have all upgrades by now, right at the second stage, use Lightning storm as close as you can to him. once it is over use it again. this should trigger his grab, once you finish that part, use storm AGAIN right away. If you don't have enough odinforce use Up on the D pad to rune draw. This last storm should trigger the second grab sequence and you are done. Very very easy fight when done this way takes 2-3 minutes.

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