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The levels go to 50 and on top of 50 theres a box for "MAX." Whatever that means or can go to. So getting to 20 wont be nearly as bad as C2 was. And "Capture the Relay" is there to play. Who wants to boost...NOW !?!?!

Those dam challenges are like Ghost Recon's!!! HORSESHIT!!! And to add insult to injury... if I am seeing this correctly, you cant unlock the CHALLENGE Skill Assessment til Level 34. Now I am confused cause I swore I saw a challenge page after I played a match.

EDIT: You can choose to accept challenges after each match. They are categorized too. Social, Squad and 2 others. It looks like you have to pick a challenge to accept then do it. Yeah gonna be a pain in the ass.

Also looks like getting to Level 20 is the least of the concerns!!!

And wheres the achievement guide?

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