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Originally Posted by DMV View Post
I don't really know if its stronger, but I always use that move to catch up to an enemy. It commonly breaks enemy A.I. blocks and serves as a great supplement to get away from enemies while attacking in another fashion.
Yeah I always use it if someone is running from me and after 1 or 2 hits they are usually dead, because It hits them in the back and increases the damage. I would like ambush attack lvl 3 to make this even more effective. I can also usually escape from anyone by constantly spamming this.

Originally Posted by DMV View Post
Idk about that one. I love rush, but I'd prefer smash a lot more. My warrior protects the team and, if not destroying the enemies, repels them from disturbing the team from destroying the enemy tower. My weapon has attack up lvl 3, smash lvl up 1 and 2. Waiting for lvl up 3 (Hurry up)
I can clear a tower pretty good with Charged attack, usually pick up 2-3 easy kills sometimes more. If they are not killed, they are damaged and thrown away from the tower, so we can defend or take it over. I think even if they are blocking, they are still thrown in the air (not 100% sure on that). If you have your shield up, rush is not effective unless hit from the back. I dont even have smash resistance and my shield guards it.

Obviously everyone has their own preference, but I really like Charged Attack.
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