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Originally Posted by MiThiKaL View Post
I think even if they are blocking, they are still thrown in the air (not 100% sure on that). If you have your shield up, rush is not effective unless hit from the back. I dont even have smash resistance and my shield guards it.

Obviously everyone has their own preference, but I really like Charged Attack.
First off, when the charged attack is fully charged, it 100% hits those that are blocked. So you're right.

Second, rush is somewhat effective with shields up. it's not necessarily referred to as a regular attack, in other words, warriors can block all types of regular attacks, but a rush won't hurt those that are blocking. It does knock away our shield briefly, and the strong warriors (and clerics, Smh frustrating special challenge) tend to knock me away, depicting that they actually hit me. So, it's random. Whenever I'm in a 1 V 1 situation against a rush skilled warrior, I tend to dash attack to dodge the rush. Works all the time, predicting their moves.

Third, yeah everyone does have their preferences. Might take a page out your book though, just found out the charged attack can destroy ballistas on top of the enemy castle while the warrior is still on the ground, which can prove to be very effective in the long run.
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