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Originally Posted by JesseCuster View Post
Last night me and my friends used the Richthofen way..

signs on elevators
signs on the floor
sniping balls
shooting orbs with wonderrifle

and than we put the sling in position.....after 4 rounds of throwing zombies against the tower, nothing happen..than we quit.....

question: need all 4 players the tranzit easteregg to get the die rise one?? we only had 2 cards behind our and another one....maybe its the reason, why the tower dont glow??

sorry for my bad english, im from Auenland
I can 100% confirm all players dont have to have done the TranZit EE. Also regarding your steps, did you get the balls spinning in the lions hands? And also triple check that the Trample Steams were on the Zombie Tiles only, that seems to be the two complications with this EE from what iv'e read.
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