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totally agree,tomb raider is my favourite game franchise,have them all,wont bother with this though,always stated when lara gets multiplayer I will not buy it,guess they forced my hand,look forward to raider descending into the shit pit that resident evil now lives in.Glad i am not the only person sick of fucking online,co-op and multiplayer.The whole damn thing is a conspiracy to milk cash out of us,remember when we all thought snes games cost too much?,at least they werent milking us for the internet,a gold subscription,the game,dlc and bastard online passes all just so you can get repeatedly killed over and over by a five year old modder,it wouldnt be so bad if you could actually get these achievements,if you dont play in the first week then you are screwed,unless its crap of doody or boringfield then you can be sure no one will be online until they shut the servers down and those achievements are unobtainable forever,someone needs to implement a system to get dead achievements some other way or let you get them either in single or multiplayer and not be forced to go online amongst the assholes.
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