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Originally Posted by ScarecrowCeno View Post
Just wanted to ask anyone if this is standard... just got a new Kinect and every time I boot up Kinect Adventures, the main logo appears with "Start". When I hit that it jumps right into loading Curvy creek. Every time I play I have to wait for that to load and then pause and then "leave activity" to get to the main menu.

This can't be right, can it?

- Scarecrow
Did you ever solve this issue or find out what was causing it?

I work at a physical therapy clinic that uses this game for some patients and one of our Xboxes also automatically loads the Curvy Creek level every time we start it. We have eight Xboxes and only one does this and we can't figure out what is the cause.

I've transferred save files from other Xboxes, replaced the game disk, cleared the cache, deleted the save file and game data....nothing!
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