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Originally Posted by Vindicaire View Post
I had trouble finding enough blood trails in the career, so I had to play a couple levels just to get that challenge. I used the elephant Zimbabwe level. Walk ahead and left to see the two sets of elephants. Run left and take out the one on the left, but don't claim it (this clears the area and can get you other Gold Medal challenges). Now walk along the pond until you come to the small tree. Shoot the elephant in the rear end, making sure not to hit vitals. The elephant herd will run to the left of the pond, past you. You should go to where you shot the elephant, and you will start finding blood trails to where they ran. I got 2-5 each time I replayed the level. Make sure to claim the trophy so you save your progress!
Hmm this strategy seems awfully similar to the one I posted a few days before yours. Way to claim it as your own

PS - your road map and guide suck. Cheers!
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