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You won the Grand Prize!

This achievement is for earning the jackpot on the slot machine.
You first encounter the slot machines in Zone 4. After defeating 29 monsters, a door will open up with an area filled with Slot machines. You can start up one of the slot machines with the button. The jackpot is for hitting 3 sevens. This will earn you $10,000. There is no real strategy here, as this achievement is entirely luck-based. You might unlock this achievement on your 4 try or your 400th try. Going for this achievement earlier rather than later is a better plan, as you'll have more cash to spend on weapon upgrades and miscellaneous costumes.

Armed and dangerous! 20
Now's the time to strike back!

This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.
You'll reach the Store or the first time within the first area. When entering the store, you can purchase the missiles for $100. The achievement will unlock after you purchase them.

Groundhog day lover! 40
You did it on purpose?

This achievement is for dying 100 times during the game.
This achievement is cumulative, so this does not need to be completed in one sitting. You can use your spot for Quick Rabbit to unlock this quicker, or play the game naturally for a certain amount of time until it unlocks.

Quick rabbit! 20
Ooooh! Poor thing! Want a cookie?

This achievement is for dying 5 seconds after respawning.
The trick for this achievement is making sure you are aware of where you spawn. Every time Ash dies, he is set back to a previous "checkpoint." From here, you'll need to find a place that can cause instant (or almost) death, dying as quick as possible. This can be achieved anywhere in the game, as there are plenty of places to choose from. If you manage to kill yourself quick enough, the achievement will unlock at the Retry screen.
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