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Originally Posted by lifeexpectancy View Post
Hmm, pot calling the kettle black? I think not. You see, you accused me of spamming my own thread, in which case you were incorrect because the post you accused of being spam was actually relevant to the OP of the this thread, aka Epic's shitty ass support of the event system. I was directing people to another thread in the hopes that they might speak with their wallet and not give Epic any more money for such piss-poor business practices.

So your post was in fact trolling because you made an ill-conceived accusation with no basis in fact. You were upset. I can only assume it was because you were hoping the new post in the thread was letting people know there was a new event up, and you took your anger out on me by calling my post spam, which it was not. There have been plenty of posts in this thread that weren't mentioning a new event, but as long as they're related to the OP and aren't totally off topic, then they are not by definition spam.

Pointing out the fact that your post was a troll post due to its afore-mentioned unsupportable accusation does not, in fact, make me a troll. So you see there is no pot and kettle comparison here.

You're free to take this post as a troll post if you wish, but I'm merely trying to explain to you why you're mistaken here. At any rate, if you're this pissed off about the damned event system then we're in full agreement on that regard. The event system was and will always be fucked up. I hope you will take the time to visit the Judgment forum and voice your opinion in the thread there, and also that you will not allow yourself to be taken to the cleaners by Epic anymore and will refrain from buying any more of the garbage they're feeding gamers.
That was a nice wall there, Professor. Maybe, some day, I'll read it.

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