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Credits roll as I type this. SUCKED having to walk so much to get those blade pieces, but not much I can do. And no, continuing after the credits didn't fix the glitch. I'm not going to bother going for 1000 without being able to warp. This was a fun game but going for 1000 would just be tedious. I also have a few saves from before doing certain things (like kill more angels than the other guy) but even that one is blacked out, so whatever glitched either must have messed up all my saves post-ability, or glitched very early on. Game time said I finished in just under 15 hours, not bad I suppose.

On to Darksiders 2 now Really a shame 3 and 4 probably won't be made.

Edit: wow, loading up another save overwrote my 15 hour gamesave slot, guess I'm really not going for 1000 now, ouch! No wonder THQ went bankrupt...

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