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Originally Posted by Tanaka Futaba View Post
I totally agree. And one of the most under utilized feature in the game is the "RB" command. I've used it to command "This way" to stop other players taking down a tower and it fails every single time (frustrated). Also, from hundred of gameplays, I've only encountered once with random player to stand and let a slayer build gun for easy take down.
No one listens to commands. Matter of fact, I use it a lot, but not to talk to others. Before the game starts, I say negative comments just because.

People just don't know how to play. I just met a Lvl 50 in a lobby full of under leveled players, and he wasn't doing much of anything to help me out, considering these low levels really don't know what they're doing. I can't blame them, but I can't be everywhere on the map in seconds. Just don't know how to play.
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