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Originally Posted by crunchb3rry View Post
It's just a matter of confusing the destroyers, I've found it's easier to get them to chase you and just release your rear torpedos right into them. As before, they will still get hit even if they turn, just make sure you are close enough (like within 0.2-0.3).

I really love the sub missions. Sucks there's so few of them. They should just put out an entire sub campaign game. Maybe a historical one with old WWII subs all the way up to modern nuclear subs.

Oh man, I had such a hard time with the sub missions - damn destroyers never seem to follow me exactly; they always come from the side, making it hard to torpedo them before they get right on top of me. I did eventually complete the Sub challenges though - it's only the last ship challenge I have remaining.
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