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I still play this game every now and again. Reading the reviews of Colonial Marines got me thinking about this game again. I've yet to beat any of the campaigns, but I plan to fire it up again after I complete Crysis 3 and get around beating Dead Space 3.

Reading some other Colonial Marines-related articles got me wondering: what was Gearbox thinking? Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator is way better. It's still no masterpiece, but it's still a more enjoyable game than CM. And yet, there are still people defending CM. It may have a few good things, if any, going for it, but all of the negatives (graphics, AI, story, etc.) far outweigh anything positive about it. I predict that CM will be less that $20 by the end of the year. Why do I say this?

Duke Nukem Forever? 2011: $60 -> 2013: $5.

I predict the same will happen to CM.

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