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Originally Posted by B A R 4 D View Post
I'm not too bothered, but I guess that's not fair for me to say as I haven't played a Tomb Raider game before and I understand the addition of multiplayer to this game has pissed a lot of people off lol but you guys never know, the multiplayer might actually be decent.
If it is going to be a "decent" multiplayer they could have done a brand-new game with it, is such as if they put team deathmatch (with guns..) in a sport game.. (maybe already exists..)
To me it has no sense putting Versus online in every game, i know that "multiplayer is the future" but not every game need it..
And also, why those achievements?
If it's a good multiplayer i'll play it also without them (especially without them I'll have more fun..)
So, they know that this "online" doesn't like to all and they gave those achievements so the "achievement hunter" or the "completionist" MUST play that multiplayer at least 20h..
This is one reason why I won't buy this game..
This is MY opinion, feel free to think different, every person has (I hope..) a brain in the head to think and decide what to do..
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