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Originally Posted by Shambles11 View Post
Just got it after many attempts. First set easy (although you still randomly get hit sometimes). Second set stay relatively middle, weave quickly left, right, left, right, for the horizontal bars stay at the bottom, then quickly up, quickly down, stay down. The hard part is the up and down quickly enough, it's all about timing. Third set, go bottom right, stay bottom right, centre up, then bottom right and stay there all the way through. Again, the switch from bottom right to centre mid is the tricky part, timing and practice. Every now and then the beams will be slightly different and you'll get hit, but 90% of the time what i did works. Good luck

Very hard this cheevo. What I did and the achievement unlocked was a little different from your guide. Was on the second set of lasers I stayed all the way to the left and low instead of left right left right, then I went quickly up and down like you said. Much easier if anyone has problems.

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