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Originally Posted by o D M C o View Post
So its either glitched or the times we need to beat are not the TEAM17 10 minute targets but some other undisclosed time that we have no way of finding out.

Clock Watching
Beat the times on all new challenges and the new Deathmatch challenge.

As the trophy description states, you need to not only complete all eight of the new challenges, but you also need to finish them under the required amount of time. All of the previous trophies lead up to this one, so this will be the last trophy in the DLC set that you will obtain.

Due to the nature of Worms, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact strategy due to the fact that many games can and usually do play out differently each time. Therefore, I have compiled some general tips and advice to help you get through each challenge, rather than one exact strategy.

TIME TO BEAT: 3 Minutes

You have three minutes to hit 40 targets with your sniper rifle, meaning that on average, you need to be hitting a target every 4.5 seconds. Rest assured that this is not as daunting as it sounds, because a lot of the targets are very close together. Remember to make use of your zoom to hit the far away targets, and use the radar to locate them.

TIME TO BEAT: 5 Minutes, 30 Seconds

The main difficulty and frustration with this challenge lies in the deceiving camera angles that make it look as if your worm is about to collect the crate but actually isnít anywhere near it. Couple that with the extremely slow ascension speed of the Jet Pack, and youíre in for a pretty annoying challenge. Youíll be holding down the thrust button almost exclusively here, as you will need to drop and then slowly rise back up numerous times. The most annoying crates to collect are the ones that are located around the dinosaur, as these are dangerously close to the water. For these ones, youíre going to need to slowly inch towards them whilst holding down the thrust and letting go accordingly.

There is also the final set which are located very high up. For some reason, the game doesnít let you ascend high enough to collect these from a distance, so youíre going to need to hover underneath them and fly up to get them this way. Good luck with this challenge, itís a tough one.

TIME TO BEAT: 4 Minutes 30 Seconds

It may take a few attempts to get used to the way in which the Super Sheep handles, but once youíve mastered it, this challenge isnít too bad. Remember that the controls are NOT inverted like most other games, so pressing down on the stick will actually make your sheep fly downwards as opposed to upwards. Donít forget to use the right analog stick to change the pitch of the sheep if he starts to roll over to the side a little too much.

TIME TO BEAT: 2 Minutes

You can actually afford to miss quite a few times in this one and still beat the target time. Take it slow and make sure that your Shotgun steadies before firing.

TIME TO BEAT: 5 Minutes, 30 Seconds

Although you have several different weapons in your arsenal, this challenge can be completed exclusively with just the Bazooka. This will be a true test of your accuracy, as you are going to need to judge the wind direction and aim your shots higher to compensate for gravity as they travel. Use the lines in your zoom as a guide. Most of the time, youíre going to have to aim at least 3-4 lines higher than the worm to stand any chance of actually hitting them. It may take you a few tries to judge the distances correctly, but the time limit isnít too strict here, so itís possible for you to miss a few times and still complete the challenge.

TIME TO BEAT: 1 Minute, 20 Seconds

Mines, lots of mines, and youíre going to be setting all of them off as you go past them in your quest to reach the summit. The mines have a three second fuse, so as soon as you set one off, you need to move on to the next platform pretty sharpish. As soon as you hear one beeping, immediately jump past it to avoid getting caught in the blast. You can simply jump to the platforms during the first half of the challenge, but youíll need to make use of your forward flip towards the end as you ascend the higher platforms. Remember to use the left analog stick to change the camera angle so you can see where youíre going. The time limit is quite strict in this one, so you need to be very quick.

TIME TO BEAT: 5 Minutes, 30 Seconds
DIFFICULTY: Easy (Once you know which route to take)

Start out by collecting the crate directly below you. Next, move over to the one located straight ahead of you (above the three mines grouped closely together.) Forward flip up to collect this one, and then make you way up the stairs and to the top of this building (whilst ensuring to collect the next crate halfway up too.) Now, youíre going to need your Jet Pack, but make sure to conserve enough fuel to collect three more crates. Youíre going to need the ones located on the two flying carpets, and then the one on the very top of the building in front of those.

Next, drop down and take the fall damage to collect the crate directly below this (donít use the Parachute because youíll need it later.) Make your way down the stairs to the right to collect the next crate, whilst making sure to retreat to a safe distance once youíve set off the mines. Jump to the small post containing the penultimate crate, but remember to pull back on the Analog stick a little to ensure that you donít over-jump it.

Finally, youíll need to take a little trek to reach the final crate. The reason why I suggested to save the Parachute earlier is because when you reach the shoreline, you can forward flip and then immediately activate the Parachute. This will glide you safely over and enable you to collect the final crate. Using this method, I completed this challenge in just over three minutes.

TIME TO BEAT: 10 Minutes

The main difficulty with this challenge actually lies with surviving rather than beating it within the time limit. You're going to need to play a tactical game here, because the enemy has perfect accuracy and will hit you almost all of the time. Therefore, you need to find a nice hiding spot and stay there whilst slowly peeking out to pick off the enemy worms. The rocks leading onto the sand are good place to hide in, and there's a small doorway below where your first worm starts that serves as an excellent hiding spot. You have 10 minutes to complete this challenge, so you need to be killing an enemy every 1 minute and 40 seconds on average.

The good thing here is that you have an unlimited supply of Super Sheeps, so once you're hidden, you can simply use these and pick off each worm at a distance. Be careful though, and don't just rely on these. If you're having trouble, you may wish to use your Jet Pack to pick up any Health Crates that drop, or to whack them into the water with the Fire Punch/Baseball Bat.

I also noticed that the challenge times in the xbox version are wrong because it says 10 minutes for every challenge there.

The problem is that it is impossible to beat the 3 minute sniper rifle challenge #2 because the sniper rifle is affected by a glitch in the xbox version that forces a reload after each shot ( I've seen this video of the PC version -> Worms Ultimate Mayhem Challenge Mode Ep 19 Part 1 - YouTube and there is no reloading) which wastes too much time. 1st on the leaderboards completed the challenge in 3:40. i haven't been able to shoot more than 30 targets in 3 minutes

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