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I'd say for a Warrior Weapon, assuming you have a 4 socket weight 10 super premium
you'd want:

Attack Up Lv3 or 2 (3 if you can get it, obviously)
Smash Power Up Lv3 (if you can get it, otherwise substitute for something Attack Up Lv3 or 2)
Smash Power Up Lv2

If you can only get Attack Up 2, Smash Power Up Lv2 and Rush+ (lv3 buffs are rare unless they're orange and fixed to that particular weapon) then go for the level 1 Smash Power Up/Attack Up to fill in until you get something better or possibly go for the Lightning Enchant Effect to add 100% slow-down to all of your attacks, assuming that buff is available to you.

Lightning Enchant Effect is very nice for a warrior, but if you have Smash Power Up Lv5 (total, with 3+2) and Rush+ you're going to send people flying off the map.

Combine that with the Adventurer's Backpack and whack a Shorten Cooldown Lv2 on it (it comes with lv3 - so 5 lvls altogether - whack on your best conserve AP buffs and you basically have constant RUSH)

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