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Originally Posted by Opiate42 View Post
This is true... the colours can be changed fast, but a suitably demonic defib image.... hmmm.... sounds like a job for Gackt

Egad, how do you live so near a campus and not firebomb frat houses? I'd find that hard to resist.

Ditto. Am more working on specific class actions.

Asphalt: getting my AN-94 above the fucking goddamn 416 in kills. Then moving to the G3A3. Want to push the 416 right out of my top 5.
Engismearing: knock off the last of the carbine ribbons for ACW-R mrspecial
Underwire: blow shit up, give ammo, blow more shit up. Let me know when you guys need ammo or shit blown up.
Reckoning: shoot people from far away. Keep everyone apprised of the enemy whereaboutsits. Get all bolt actions in my top 10.
General: knife people, always, and start using the crossbow more. Poor thing has been neglected.

Currently: I defeated Fearyl.... why the fuck is Royal Ripeness NOT shrimping down to Mutantomato!?!?!!?? Goddam OP thing is beasting my team!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!
Dude! I don't know what prescription meds you're mixing, but you really need to stop that shit!

Originally Posted by gmurda33 View Post
I have a HUGE problem with the smaw and rpg tho---I can only seem to kill snipers with them. Never get the kills on a tank and i have basically given up on the xbow scoped---i cannot get the hang of the 7 time scope. it if was an 8x i would be in heaven
Come play Metro TDM on my server and I guarantee that you will rack up RPG/SMAW and Scoped Xbox kills pretty damn quickly. I gave up on using the RPG/SMAW vs tanks because it's just not efficient to have to use 5-6 rounds to get the kill, and that's assuming the tank doesn't kill you first. I run and gun from building to building on my server using my primary for crowd control and my RPG/SMAW to either bring pieces of the building down on people or to fire from building to building. I was sitting around 100 kills with both the RPG and SMAW at the beginning of this week, but now I've pushed the RPG to 256 and the SMAW to 185. Another week or two and I should have my mastery tags.

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