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experiences of this dlc?

man, I thought the game was bad for glitches... ubisoft have really gone crazy with them on this dlc!!! after only about an hour of gameplay, my game has glitched SO MANY times! too many to count. I mean literally, every mission/side quest/anything I do there is at least one glitch!

just some of the glitches I have experienced!
  • my wolves just standing there and not attacking guards
  • a chest which didn't have a raking point (literally spent 10 minutes moving the stick round as slow as possible - nothing)
  • letting me do the same 'feed citizen' more than once, on two occasions
  • a 'feed citizen' on the map which wasnt actually there
  • general glitching/freezing during fights

and so on and so forth! no doubt there will be a patch (I hope) or two, but why didn't they just FINISH the dlc before releasing it!? crazy!!!

has anyone else had any other glitches I should be aware of? because i'm going crazy playing this!
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