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In my opinion, the first save should be made either before you meet Diana, or the beginning of chapter 5. Most people I have helped before have saved later than I and that is fine. However, a precaution I need to add before continuing is the Force Gun(Limited Edition) and Zealot Suit(Limited Edition) was at my disposable. The Force Gun schematic is on Chapter 9 and is the only other gun you need,however, until then you need a gun that can take out multiple targets.

What I would advise is tell me your setup. What guns are you using? Are you focusing more on leveling up your Rig, or Guns first? Remember, the difficulty is below Zealot and should take account that a Plasma Cutter will not do much damage to limbs if not leveled up properly.

Hard Core is not as difficult [if the saves(3) are used at the right places] as many people may think. Taking baby steps is the ideal way of staying alive. Think ahead!! The game is exactly the same in terms of enemy locations! They pop out of the same location. Find a safe spot and let them come to you. Also, Statis is your friend. If scared and having anxiety, take a break and refer to the forums, or even play another game that will help you calm down or until you feel confident enough for round 2(or 8)!

My saves were: Before Diana(Chapter 5), Chapter 10(I died at this part, thank God I did not let my Ego get the best of me), and before the Rotating half-made Red Maker(Chapter 14).


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