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Chewing the Fat 15
In "Closest Encounters," eat 20 pieces of meat in a row (or watch someone do this).

This is really easy in the first mini game. You see mostly regular chunks of meat that fly very slowly, so just catch as many as you can. As soon as you reach 20 without missing any, this will unlock.

Snappy Snacker 30
In "Closest Encounters," eat an entire group of small meat chunks (or watch someone do this).

The small meat chunks do not show up until the second mini game. You will be thrown them in groups of 5, and must get all five. This is actually a bit of a challenge, but you only need to do this once. As a tip, try to move your head back and forth a bit over the group to make sure you get all of them.

Greedy Guts 50
In a "Closest Encounters" game with every type of meat, eat everything (or watch someone do this).

This is by far the hardest achievement in the second season. It is strongly recommended that you get this in the second mini game since you will see far fewer chunks of meat. To unlock this, you will need to get everything that is thrown, not missing even a single chunk from the small groups. You can have things missed and still in the air as time runs out, but nothing can hit the water without being eaten.

Unlike in other minigames, you are better off standing back from Kinect since the area of the screen that you have to get the meat to seems like it is the same size regardless of how large your head is on the screen. If you are close, you are quite likely to have the meat just slip through your jaws. You are going to need to move quickly and accurately, but the biggest issues are the groups of meat chunks. If you can, try and move your head back and forth along the line of the group to ensure that nothing is missed. You might also be able to delay the arrival of the groups of chunks by making sure that you do not eat the early chunks until they are close to leaving the screen. However, this can lead to more misses if you are not careful, since the large pieces fall very quickly and are easy to miss.

Twin Attack 15
As a hippo, hit a rival with your head and another with your hands (or watch someone do this).

You won't be able to do this until the second mini game of the "Undercover Hippo" episode. When you see two hippos on screen at once, just make sure that you headbutt one of them while hitting the other with your hands. The achievement will unlock immediately.

Sitting Pretty 30
In a hippo game, don't get hit by any rival hippos (or watch someone do this).

This is fairly easy in the first mini game of the "Undercover Hippo" episode. You will only face one hippo at a time in this mini game, so just hit them as fast as possible and head butt them if you see an exclamation point. If you managed to maintain your multiplier, you will get this achievement at the end of mini game.

Angry Angry Hippos 50
As a hippo, defeat 5 hippos in 20 secs before roaring (or watch someone do this).

This is the easiest of the timed achievements. In the second mini game of the "Undercover Hippo" episode, you will be faced with fighting two hippos at once, and the head butt can make them go down much quicker. Try and hit both hippos with each swipe and head butt when you see the exclamation point, since it does a great deal of damage. The achievement will pop immediately.

Pincher Movement 15
In a Komodo dragon game, steal a scorpion that another player dug up (or watch someone do this).

Because the mounds that you need to hit are quite low on the screen, it may be difficult to do this with a fake person. A real person is recommended, but not required. All you really need to do is play the first mini game of the "Dragon Hunt" episode, have one person hit the mound to release the scorpions and have the other person lean over to eat the scorpion before it hits the ground.

Snap Dragon 30
In a Komodo dragon game, catch three or more scorpions in one group (or watch someone do this).

You can do this in the second or third mini game of the "Dragon Hunt" Episode. Later in the episode, you will start encountering mounds that throw up scorpions in groups of three (or four in the third mini game). When you see three or four scorpions in the air, just catch all of them. They will usually shoot up fairly straight.

Scorpion King 50
As a Komodo dragon, eat 10 scorpions in 10 secs before roaring (or watch someone do this).

This is a little challenging. On the second or third mini games of the "Dragon Hunt" episode, you will have enough scorpions to pull this off. Toward the end of the third mini game, you should have enough scorpions coming fast enough to get the achievement, but if you do not, you can always start up a two player game and play with only one person doing all of the eating. When you get to the point where you get a few groups of two, three or four scorpions in a row, you should be able to pull this off.
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