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Originally Posted by Scnew View Post
Sorry to say, Terra, your design don't work anymore. I probably should have asked Edgar or Setzer for technical help.
Huh, well, goes to show how caught up I am with what's working on the 360 version. Ever since I moved to the PC side, I don't need to worry about "block generators".

Originally Posted by RDrules View Post
i may be missing the point here but why not just nip into creative spawn some in the change back?

if your wanting to exploit a bug and cheat to get it surely just using creative isnt a problem
Creative Mode is a problem on the 360 version of the game, because Survival mode is the only one that allows you to track your statistics and maintain achievements on your world. The moment you jump to Creative Mode and save, you permanently disable ranking and Achievements.

And while I don't bother with generators (that video was made in response to someone who was all: "Minecraft on the 360 is perfect! You can't do ANY dupe glitches, or make any block generators!!!!!", because I have a habit of wanting to prove people wrong), I don't mind if other people want to. It's not my concern what people do on Minecraft anymore.
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